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Train Trolls

Train TrollA train troll is a creature known to inhabit basements and the occasional attic or spare bedroom. While not generally a shy creature, train trolls have been known to lose all track of time and will spontaneously spend hours toiling alone into the wee hours of the night and morning. Prone to working with strong fumes and collecting small particles on clothing and hair, they commonly leave trails throughout homes much to the chagrin of their spouse (or trollette). Train trolls do occasionally gather together and are known to have fun socializing, telling jokes, yarnin', as well as enjoying drink and good food.

The Ships

The ships are steam era ships from the period of the 1890's till the 1920's. Original designs, they are based on prototypical naval architecture of the time and are typical of coastal and tramp steamers that plied the world's oceans and bays. As such, the models will work for layouts up until the late 1950's, even early 1960's. Designed for use on portable modules, they are built of lightweight construction methods and engineered wood.

Our ships are both flexible and strong, and should withstand "show transportation". The metal castings are pewter and include custom designed fittings as well as production fittings from Crow River Products. The resin cast lifeboats are a custom design and made for us by Sea Port Model Works. Ships are modified and hand assembled making each pre-built ship a unique vessel. Client just needs to add rigging and a name.

The Narrow Gauge

Following my interest in both On30 modeling and the Wiscasset, Waterville and Farmington (WW&F) Maine 2-Foot Rail Road, I'm developing two series of kits (as well as ready built) narrow gauge in On30 and On2.

  • The first series are based on WW&F prototypes and should eventually include all the different freight cars (as well as a few passenger cars) covering the period of operation from 1894 until the early 1930's. These kits are made to prototypical width (and as close as possible to height), so they are nice and "skinny & low". As with all the narrow gauge cars, I've tried to develop a strongly constructed kit that can take the abuse of going on the road and handling at train shows. The standard frame design "sandwiches" the somewhat "brittle" basswood frame in-between engineered plywood. The roof framing is not prototypical, but I've found it a simple method to construct and provides a great deal of support and strength to the cars, as well as keeping the frame square.
  • The second series are "freelance" cars based on various prototypes (mostly older standard gauge cars). They provide a creative outlet for trying out new designs as well as building unique rolling stock for myself and others. The Caboose-Boxcar ("Boose-Box") is the first of this series and is based on a standard gauge caboose-boxcar built by the Portland Company. The car includes a detailed insides with a sliding seat for the brakeman within the cupola.

Custom Work

I will always consider custom requests based on availability. Please contact me using the contact form.

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