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On30 Wiscasset & Quebec 28' Gondola/Flatcar (Undecorated - Complete Kit)

The Wiscasset & Quebec 28' flatcar represents the bulk of the initial order placed by the company in 1894-5. Most were eventually converted to various series of boxcars, waycars and even a reefer by the later WW&F. A few were scrapped. This laser cut wood kit includes plastic and pewter detail parts, wire, truck mounts, and brake beams.

Complete kit with Grandt Line Trucks, Reboxx Wheelsets, and Kadee #147 Couplers.

On30 Wiscasset & Quebec 28' Flatcar

Photo shows car with non-standard link and pin (not included).

W&Q 28' Flatcar (Undecorated) - Complete Kit
(Kit O-003-A)   $44.95

On30 Wiscasset & Quebec 28' Gondola

Photo shows car with non-standard link and pin (not included)

W&Q 28' Gondola (Undecorated) - Complete Kit
(Kit O-003-C)   $49.95

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