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O Scale (1:48) "Smokey Duck" Steam Tug

This kit is designed using design features prototypical of the small sternwheeler watercraft used on rivers, lakes, tributaries, bays and swamps. Time frame could be as early as the 1860's to as late as the 1930's depending on details.

Kit has a fully detailed pilot house, windows, hatches and doors may be set open or closed, optional privy (or head), various metal parts and custom pewter castings from Crow River. There is decking inside the tug so the interior can be fully detailed (if desired). These kits are made unique with a client supplied boat name which is "lazed" into the wood.

Instructions are full color and provided on a CD-ROM.

Length: 11.75 inches (26.5 cm)
Width: 3 5/8 inches (9.2 cm)
Height: 4 inches (10 cm)

"Smokey Duck" Steam Tug - Logging Version

"Smokey Duck" Steam Tug - Logging Version

More "backwoods" looking, includes horizontal boards on superstructure, optional privy (or head), two loading booms, bunk house, two saws, custom tug name - use contact form to submit.

Kit O-101-Logging    $119.95

"Smokey Duck" Steam Tug -  Push Tug Version

"Smokey Duck" Steam Tug - Push Tug Version

Similar to the Standard Version but with a raised bulwark and lengthened lower superstructure. Could have been used on sheltered inland waterways such as bays and harbors. Includes pewter bits and details, forward tow bit (tow refers to the barges and not the act of towing), plastic half round, coal bunker hatch, large wood push knees, and custom tug name - use contact form to submit.

Kit O-101-Push    $119.95

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